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Mysterious Clouds


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Mysterious Clouds is a band that digs 60’s West Coast psych, 70’s krautrock, Morricone soundtracks, dub, and Nuggets-style rock. Ever reaching to the limits of sound and composition, Mysterious Clouds operates as a sonic journey to the outer spaces of your mind while retaining their soul and love of melody.

After spending time as part of Monta at Odds, and as Gemini Revolution, the morphing of what is Mysterious Clouds shifts again to add in fuzz guitar, post-rock, and modern psychedelia. Formed by brothers, Dedric and Delaney Moore, Mysterious Clouds features a six-piece band spreading psychedelic good vibes at every opportunity. Lineup includes Adam Davies (Janet the Planet, Monta), Aaron Osborne (Expo 70, Monta), Matthew Hayden (Found a Job, Monta), Zach Bozich (In Back of a Black Car, Monta), Brian Hodes (Brahee).


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