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When working on their new material, Monta at Odds found a fellow left-of-center artist in Your Friend. In-between session of writing and recording her full-length debut, Gumption, for Domino Recordings; Your Friend would stop by the HQ recording studio and work on vocals and guitar for Where the Stars are Scattered.

Using the cosmos and it’s interactions with other heavenly bodies, lyrics were adapted to represent how our human interactions replicate their cosmic counterparts.

Venturing forward from the Robots of Munich release, Monta at Odds sought to move past the broken synth psych experience that went perfectly with their fan fiction short story that functioned as a side story to Blade Runner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

This next release was about how we move past the point of discovering our empathy and how we apply it to relationships with each other. Heavy stuff, right? To counterbalance this weight, it was a wonderful chance message sent to Taryn to see if she might want to drop in Monta HQ and sing on a new synth track the brothers were working on. 9 songs later and the grooves kept coming. It was the perfect alternate path for both artists and allowed Monta at Odds to focus the musical and lyrical content to fit their theme and the addition of Taryn’s voice helped bring a softness and delicate touch to the dusty electronic underbed.


Kosmic City


Kosmic City is an homage to the heads, freaks and hippies of the 70's keeping Kansas City weird. 

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